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The key to life is happiness. Browse By Tag.

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The key to life is happiness

I've always been moved by passion and kept a positive attitude, moved forward without fear. Specifically, what do you want? You can be grateful for the ability to read and write, have reason and logic. Man can never be happy if he does not nourish his soul as he does his body — The Rebbe What is your life like? The day needs to start and end healthy. These become more than simple good deeds; they become vital nourishment for your soul and a means of putting your physical body to good spiritual use. As long as you can identify those, and you can implement those actions day after day, you can succeed in time. They needed to go back on stage and so they did. Want to be happy? They are willing to take risks to pursue something. Consider what will make you happy, and write it down. I've seen a lot of starving artists and dreamers being so happy in what you can call "misery" if measured in wealth. They carve their own path and don't follow the crowed. The Key to Happiness: Because I just know that there is no perfection also not in happiness and the pursuit of it involved risks, pain, rejections, sweet and tears. We also need to get grounded mentally. The key to life is happiness

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The key to life is happiness

The key to life is happiness

The key to life is happiness

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    Think about what you would like to accomplish that would make today a meaningful day. And goals that remain in the abstract are always unattainable.

  2. Dokasa says:

    Take up a yoga class or institute an exercise regimen so that you have something that starts incorporating healthy habits into your life. I'm basically happy.

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