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Gender differences in cognitive development. University College London – Birkbeck University of London – UCL Institute of Education.

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Steven Pinker: 6 Gender Differences in Cognitive Abilities

Gender differences in cognitive development

Gender differences do exist Many studies have been published over the years that focus on group differences between males and females; and consistent differences do emerge. However, it should be taken into account that this finding is reflective of the overall findings from the PFL evaluation, where children from the high treatment group were found to be more advanced in terms of their cognitive development and school readiness than children in the low treatment group Doyle et al. The study was a randomized double-blind experiment: Itching and irritation were the most commonly reported perceptual sensations, with light to moderate intensity. Discussion Overall, the current study found evidence of gender disparities across both cognitive outcomes and school readiness behaviours, with girls demonstrating higher scores than boys. Cognitive strategy interpretation relies mainly on results reported by Blakemore and colleagues, who compared ToM performances between adolescents and young adults Therefore, more research, based on larger samples, different tasks, and including population of patients with ToM deficit, is needed to elucidate the reasons for these discrepancies and to verify whether the observed tDCS-induced changes in social cognition are maintained across studies. We base the interpretation of our results on both domain-specific arguments i. Specifically, an EEG cap was gently secured on the head of each subject and positioned with Cz at the vertex, as measured using surface anatomical landmarks, and defined as the intersection of the nasion—inion and interaural lines; subsequently Fpz was marked with a pencil and identified as the center of the anode. The two stimuli sessions corresponded to two stimulation conditions: Gender differences in cognitive development

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Gender differences in cognitive development

Gender differences in cognitive development

Gender differences in cognitive development

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    Moreover, as far as deactivation of the ventromedial PFC is concerned, the authors suggest that females may have less difficulty than males in disengaging from self-referencing or internally directed thoughts during ToM reasoning.

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    Gender differences do exist Many studies have been published over the years that focus on group differences between males and females; and consistent differences do emerge.

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    For each stimulation real and placebo and each group female and male participants , the sensations scores reported during anodal mPFC tDCS were compared with those reported during the placebo tDCS using a Wilcoxon matched pairs test. By providing additional supports and resources to both treatment groups, the PFL programme accounted for any ethical issues that may have arisen. Slaby and Frey Children were given a screen to watch with a male on one side and a female on the other performing the same action.

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    On the other hand, males are, on average, more disposed to a systematizing style, i. Statistical analyses Statistical analyses were performed using Statistica software version 10; www. The first is to train boys and girls to improve on the skills that, as a group, they score less well on.

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    There are also other abilities relating to perceptual information such as mental rotation , spatial visualization ability , verbal fluency and reading comprehension. As far as domain-specific arguments are concerned, there are two possible specific interpretations of our findings, i. Conclusion Despite these limitations, the findings of the present study are relevant for at least three main reasons.

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