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Best bollywood love movies. Long Tradition Of Depicting Love.

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Best bollywood love movies

Lootera Starring Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha, this Bollywood love story movie tells the tale of a visiting archaeologist who excavates a piece of land owned by a particular zamindar. Nandini Aishwarya Rai has to choose between Sameer Salman Khan , from whom she learned how to love, and Vanraj Ajay Devgan , who taught her what the principles of love are. Both are kind of method actors. The characters are excellent, Aishwarya is a joy to watch and those of you rooting for Sameer might just end up feeling a bit for Vanraj as well. I mean, who doesn't know about Mughal-E-Azam, a film which saw great success at the box office when it was released for the first time and again when it was re-released in as a color version. Source 18 Saajan The other day I heard on the radio while coming back from work that the role of Sanjay Dutt was first offered to Aamir Khan. But that may very well be true. Jab We Met Directed by Imtiaz Ali, this new age Bollywood classic follows the story of Aditya, a depressed business tycoon who bumps into Geet, a spunky woman in a train ride — a chance encounter that alters both their lives forever. The duo are attracted to each other because of their differences and the movie shows us how they come of age. Isn't that sensible and cute? Blending quintessential Bollywood melodrama with great acting and a still cherished soundtrack, this is a Bollywood romantic comedy every bit worth watching. Ya Jaane Na It's a tale of college besties, Jai, the most non-violent Rajput ever and Aditi, a highly aggressive and impulsive girl. I can't help but mention that the soundtrack is just awesome and touches the heart. They embark on their individual quests for love only to make matters more complicated. A sharing of dreams, aspirations and things passed by sees them growing closer. On major holidays like Holi many visit to watch this movie. Best bollywood love movies

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Best bollywood love movies

Best bollywood love movies

Best bollywood love movies

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