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Weird Things Couples Do In A Hotel Room

Sexy things to do in a hotel

And champagne of course, always about champagne. If you're in Las Vegas together Let's say one of you went for business together and the other tagged along — it happens a lot in the convention town. Others might enjoy the anonymity and mystery of being solitary in a strange place. Gross, but try to take the same approach in your own home. Paris or Watford? Even at a luxury hotel, avoid hot tubs. There has to be a way to at least partially recreate this at home. These hotels and resorts offer sexy amenities and packages to amp up the chemistry stat Bring along a new sex toy Hotels are new and exciting places for new and exciting adventures. Woke up like this Picture: Maybe you loved wearing lingerie every evening. Trust me, these things can make a big difference. On the covered patio? So beware. On the couch? You can also bring along goodies like a rose bath bomb for the giant hotel tub or some essential oils for a sexy massage. Sexy things to do in a hotel

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Sexy things to do in a hotel

Sexy things to do in a hotel

Sexy things to do in a hotel

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    Well, wonder no more, people on dirty weekends do. Keeping it brief will keep it steamy — and save you enough to push the boat out with a bottle of Champagne on the way over. You can make novelty a part of your non-vacation life as well.

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    To name just a few:

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    Order a club sandwich in bed or a dozen oysters at midnight. And champagne of course, always about champagne.

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