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Sexy hair ideas. The Biggest, Boldest Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2019.

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How To Do : THE PERFECT PONYTAIL - Hairstyle

Sexy hair ideas

Don't forget to pull out some wispy pieces near your hairline. The texture of crimping is combined with awesome curls to show that curly hair and crimped hair can coexist! Take the go-to style up a notch or five by wrapping the first half with velvet ribbon, like Jasmine Sanders did here. Getty Images Finish off big barrel waves with shine serum for a glossy look. The sharp crimps, which were created with a zig-zag iron, emphasize the gorgeous, multidimensional color in this awesome new wrinkle on curly hair. The simple, partial updo sports a braid pulled off the face, surrounded by playful, loosely crimped hair. It should almost sit on the top of your head, allowing the ends to flow over the base like a waterfall. The crimped hair adds texture and flair to the mixture, but the effect is soft and feminine. This cute hairstyle for girls is perfect for any occasion but is an easy hairstyle to create. The side part adds a sense of seductive style, and the barely-there highlights add dimension and shine. You only need to crimp a few of the top layers to create a textural contrast with the long, straight hair. Sexy hair ideas

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Sexy hair ideas

Sexy hair ideas

Sexy hair ideas

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    The result is a new-fashioned take on an old-fashioned style. This look is practical and manageable, yet fun and frivolous at the same time. This hairstyle for women is perfect for an elegant wedding or at a cocktail party with friends.

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    Smooth down any distracting flyaways with some hairspray and a boar bristle brush. You can add volume to your hair, either up or down, with this retro method that women have loved for almost forty years. The top, crimped layer overlays the straight bottom layer for a retro look that seems to combine the best of the 70s and the 80s.

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    You can achieve a similar look by braiding your hair and spraying it with a heat protector. This style is easy and free, like a day in Santa Monica.

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    For hair crimping with a flatiron, spray your hair with heat protection spray.

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