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How to delete android app. How to uninstall apps in stock Android.

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Remove ALL Bloatware from any Android Smartphone without Root

How to delete android app

Long-press tap and hold your finger on the app until your phone vibrates and a pop-up menu appears. We heard your terrible plight and we put together this simple guide on how to uninstall apps in Android. You can usually find this button in the Storage section near to the Uninstall button in each of our guides. Before we begin, if you do not intend to reinstall the app you are removing, take the time to hit the Clear Data option for any app you are uninstalling. The free version features tools to backup and uninstall apps, while the paid version delivers dozens of additional features. In some devices it is called Application manager and in some it says Apps. Continue Reading. Delete Apps using a Dedicated App You can also use an uninstaller app to delete app easily. Titanium Backup The first app you might think of for dealing with unwanted apps on your Android device is Titanium Backup. Drag the app onto the Home screen. To recap, the full set of options are: Spammy Apps Making More Apps Occasionally you may run into an app that makes other apps, so you find yourself deleting apps you don't remember ever installing. What method do you use for deleting apps on your device? Option 3: Uninstalling apps from stock Android is simple: Navigate to the Installed section. How to delete android app

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How to delete android app

How to delete android app

How to delete android app

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    Long-press an app icon and drag it to the Remove from home screen box at the top of the screen. Fortunately, app stores are cracking down on this sort of nuisance.

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