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Cherry fireball jello shots. Fireball Jello Shot Cupcakes.

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BEST DAMN Cherry Cola Jello Shots - Tipsy Bartender

Cherry fireball jello shots

Each of those recipes are always huge hits with everyone, so I knew it was a no brainer! My hubby has a Pitboss smoker and anytime he gets the chance to fire it up, he is one happy guy. Neighbors, lots of food, and great socialization made for one fun evening! Last weekend, my hubby and I had a bunch of our neighbors over for a brisket dinner party. I made these in no time the morning of the party and a few hours later, they were set up and ready to go! Here are the disposable cups I prefer to use: For these jello shots, I poured the mixture of gelatin, ginger ale, and Fireball into my silicone peanut butter cup mold so they were cupcake shaped and then topped them with some fiery buttercream. After a 12 hour smoke, it was ready to go! To change this up a bit, you can also try orange Jello instead of the cherry listed below! Since we had noticed the brisket on sale a few weeks back at our local grocery store, we decided to buy a few for our freezer. The alcohol was barely noticeable so be careful when enjoying them and they were the perfect way to end the evening! This post is a part of her holiday blog tour and she was nice enough to send me a copy of the book to peruse. Well, those that are over 21 at least: Hope you enjoy these tasty shots, but please, drink responsibly! I poured mine into little condiment cups I had found at my grocery store only because they came with lids, but you can usually find small disposable shot glasses that work great too! But not just any jello shot, a cupcake jello shot complete with Fireball buttercream and festive sprinkles of course. Cherry fireball jello shots

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Cherry fireball jello shots

Cherry fireball jello shots

Cherry fireball jello shots

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