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How to make a fruit display. Fruit tray ideas.

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How to Make a Fruit Platter - Best Fruit Platter Video #desert #fruit

How to make a fruit display

Once platter design is sketched, cut out using scissors and a knife. I like to use flowers like marigolds, pansies, and roses to name a few. It will be easier to carry. I hit up google for photos of fruit trays for inspiration and drew out my design on paper first which I highly recommend instead of just winging a new design. They come is all kind of colors which is great. Some of the flowers I used in the video are not recommended. Start assembling the fruit in a decorative pattern of your choice. Flowers makes all the difference! Choosing flowers for a fruit tray: Choose colors to match your theme or just go with a bright array of colors! Completely cover cardboard with plastic wrap. How to make a fruit display

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How to make a fruit display

How to make a fruit display

How to make a fruit display

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4 thoughts on “How to make a fruit display”

  1. Akijas says:

    What did you come up with? There are a few handy dandy rules that I use when creating my fruit platters: Use lots of different colors and fruit on your platter.

  2. Sakus says:

    The pattern is simple really. Fruits to use Not every fruit lends itself to a fruit platter that will be sitting out for a while. In the video I am showing you how cutting a kiwi in a fun shape can make ALL the difference for your fruit platter.

  3. Brar says:

    I use to just resort to chopping it all up and placing it in rows on a platter.

  4. Dajinn says:

    Once I had it designed I loved it and I have never strayed from the pattern since. The juice from the fruit may leak through.

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