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Ksmo aneros. Detailed Instructions.

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Aneros PROGASM Prostate Massager

Ksmo aneros

Thus, these exercises will not only tone the lower tracts but cleanse them as well. I know that at least a few members here have and use an aneros as well as this method, and I guess this probably would be best answered by one of them although the question is open to anybody: The prostate will accommodate the Aneros massager and the foreign sensation will begin to alleviate. Keep this contraction as long as you can. If you insert the Aneros massager front-side-back, you can not correctly stimulate the involved sex organs. The area is a treasure trove of erogenous stimuli. I initially practised Key Sound separately, and very quickly got very powerful Echo Effects. This is very good practice to maximize prolonged expanded erection of your penis without a vacuum pump, penis ring, etc. Great questions Bill and discussion guys! As you approach orgasm, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles. Slowly insert the Aneros massager about one half of the way into the anus; it will then be drawn the rest of the way into the rectum and accurately position itself against the prostate with the perineum abutment pressing firmly against the perineum acupressure spot. Ksmo aneros

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Ksmo aneros

Ksmo aneros

Ksmo aneros

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  1. Maurisar says:

    BillSnow said: Keep this contraction as long as you can. Contract your anal sphincter together with the penis erection muscles as strong as you can.

  2. Mut says:

    At this time, most inexperienced users will feel the urge to urinate and may experience pleasure. When the Aneros massager is fully drawn into the anus, you will initially feel the pressure of the foreign object. The perineum abutment accordingly increases the pressure on the perineum acupressure point.

  3. Vudogal says:

    In this manner, it is possible to prolong and build up the effect of the subsequent orgasm. This is the first time in years when desire, opportunity and freedom have converged. During this session, it is possible to adjust the location of the Aneros massager by slightly increasing or decreasing your contraction strength for the Aneros massager.

  4. Bashura says:

    Stage 3 These stimulations are positively fed back to the anus, and this chain reaction accelerates to a nearly explosive point.

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