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Ways to set the mood. Nobody Is Good at Shower Sex.

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For Men: How to Turn Her On When She's Not "In the Mood"

Ways to set the mood

Light up with scented candles — Among the senses, smelling connects to the emotions the most. This we hold to be true: What does she want tonight? Certain fragrances are like an aphrodisiac for women, so choose scents correctly. Whatever you want. Make time for pillow talk — Talking sweet nothings will keep the conversation going between the two of you. Patty wisely says, "He will find your confidence alluring. Safety first, girls! Wear an outfit that makes you feel hot. Go out in a new neighborhood. Dim the lights. Buy a new toy. Ways to set the mood

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Ways to set the mood

Ways to set the mood

Ways to set the mood

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    So what can men do to set the mood and bring out these fantasies? Pick one body part and spend 5 minutes touching it.

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    What does he like?

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    Acknowledge the cheesy and lean into it. Gently warm some massage oil and play spa as you give each other a sensual full-body massage.

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