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Celebrities who have had neck surgery. 5 Celebrities You’d Never Know Had Spine Surgery.

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Celebrities who have had neck surgery

The head injury tore his dura mater causing severe, debilitating headaches. The reason it takes a year or more for full recuperation is that this type of neck surgery involves a bone graft. Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire, best known for the Spiderman franchise, had an injury on the set of Seabiscuit about the underdog thoroughbred racehorse. The then Orlando Magic basketball star underwent a surgery during spring The king of comedy got seriously injured in the accident which almost left him paralyzed. On the set of Aeon Flux, Charlize had a fall and suffered injury. Surgical Appointments. Back surgery to treat a structural issue, like a herniated disc, has a high success rate for cutting down on pain and correcting its root cause. Upon arriving, Dr. Her upper spine was injured during the accident and she reported that she immediately felt numbness on the right side of her body. She was then approached by Dancing With the Stars to dance on the show, but Dr. Montel Brian Anthony Williams is an American television personality and a well-known radio show host. Bruno Sammartino: Surgery could be a discectomy, laminectomy, or fusion. Image Source 7. The compressed discs in his spine caused back and neck pain issues. Celebrities who have had neck surgery

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Celebrities who have had neck surgery

Celebrities who have had neck surgery

Celebrities who have had neck surgery

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    She underwent another surgery to mitigate the pain. The Olympics champion revealed in an interview that he would like to work on his back problem to recover completely. The herniated disc resulted in a pinched nerve, which led to severe leg pain.

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    Tony Romo Intro: The list very well shows that celebrities are dealing with much more than the paparazzi invading their privacy.

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