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How to make a valance. Hi, Iā€™m Megan.

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EASY Swag tails (jabots) anyone can make!

How to make a valance

This method features a lining on the back of the valance and a rod pocket to make for clean lines and simple installation. In just an hour or so, you can have a neat, tidy, and oh-so-pretty valance to dress up any window! Hopefully the above equations make sense to you. That said, these instructions could also be easily adapted to fit your specific needs. Before moving onto the next step where you sew the top hem in place , slide the blackout lining between the curtain and draper lining layers. With everything pressed and smoothed, it should lay flat. But because your threads will be visible from the outside of the valance, be sure to use thread that matches perfectly with your curtain. Take care to make it flat, straight and as far to the top of the inside of the valance as possible. I strongly recommend using your actual curtain rod to determine the placement and size of your rod pocket. In order to cut your fabric, you need to know how big you want your finished valance to be. Unless you are making a valance that is as long as it is wide, you should be pinning the shorter sides together. However, I find adding a rod pocket is not only simple, but using a rod to hang a valence is one of the quicker and easier solutions! You may typically see valances on kitchen windows, as well as any windows above counters, couches, and in kid spaces where longer curtains might be in the way. In these instances, I tend to rely on simple valances to add that design jolt I crave without the fuss of yards and yards of fabric. The lining helps with construction and creates a nicer backside of the valance which might be seen from the outside of the window. How to make a valance

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How to make a valance

How to make a valance

How to make a valance

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