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Twitter not updating facebook status. Check Post Settings.

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Automate Twitter and Facebook Post FREE Scheduling App How To Schedule Multiple Status Updates

Twitter not updating facebook status

Also, note that only public posts will be shared with the twitter. We'll start with the bad - as of this week, you can no longer automatically share tweets to a connected Facebook account. Twitter and Facebook are two very different networks. Like to do it? Follow Andrew Hutchinson on Twitter. Open the "Profile" page and click "Disconnect it" by the Facebook heading. Your Twitter account is connected to your Facebook profile. People expect one, maybe two status updates a day, maximum. Share on Facebook Connecting your company's Twitter and Facebook accounts is an effective way of cross-posting content and maximizing the audience reach for a link or promotion. You can connect your Twitter account to Facebook profile and here is how: Twitter didn't plan it this way, but the removal of tweet cross-posting is likely a blessing in disguise. Twitter not updating facebook status

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Twitter not updating facebook status

Twitter not updating facebook status

Twitter not updating facebook status

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    Troubleshooting the issue isn't difficult and simply reconnecting the app may be enough to fix it.

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