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Gohan fanfic. .

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(fanfic)gohan en boku no hero cap 1

Gohan fanfic

This is a new story for me, as most of my focus at the moment is on my series Dragonball Awakening. Gohan was quick to act, and in a burst of golden Ki, he propelled himself through the air, grabbing the girl by the waist and protecting her from the murderous blast. Gohan watched the Ki blast careen off into the distance in shock, and it took a while for him to realise that the screams of agony were his own. An enormous tree stood before him, looking rather ancient with branches that twisted and turned as it spilled upwards, and he could just about make out several stone buildings etched into the bark. Continuation from Hybrid Theory. Dark Themes. He panted as the dust subsided, and looked into the girl's fearful sapphire eyes. A musical chuckle reached his ears, and soon Gohan found himself levitating in the air before falling in a heap on the ground. Update - Just a note but I am here. Your intentions are pure yet there is such rage in your heart. It's meaning goes far deeper than that Where is he? He had white hair that was styled into a neat quiff atop his head. Tears coursed down his fevered cheeks as utter agony fled through every part of his body. We're so proud of you. What if it was Gohan? It's something that Ive been writing chapters of here and there when I need a break away from my series, but as Super has ended for now, I couldnt help but write a bit more. Gohan fanfic

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Gohan fanfic

Gohan fanfic

Gohan fanfic

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