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Lava ruins rune factory frontier. Question Details.

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Rune Factory Frontier! Episode #22: Exploring the Lava Ruins!

Lava ruins rune factory frontier

Straight to B5F. I've been in the green ruins but i didn't think there was anything to do in there until you got rid of those rocks which you can't do until you get into the Lava ruins. And dont forget to bring energy drink and para gone, because the plant that split white balls can make us get parallyis. Go through that opening and past the room below. Strike the bomb keep your distance and head through the new opening and north toward the stairs. Just hack and slash them and you will level up. This is my advise so I hope it helps. Head south from this area and through the next area past the ducks and west through the opening it's near the monster gate. Phase 2 Blood Panther x4 Swipe attack - easily avoidable. Shortcut route A-M on the map. Lava ruins rune factory frontier

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Lava ruins rune factory frontier

Lava ruins rune factory frontier

Lava ruins rune factory frontier

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  1. JoJolabar says:

    But yeah, this forum generally has much nicer people than the others. When you have them, talk to candy and have her make them a rune stone.

  2. Dour says:

    Forge a Katana, equip it along with your best crafted armor, then slice up some Elefuns on the first floor. There should be another bomb next to a monster gate that spawns a little mage.

  3. Voodoobar says:

    They should be somewhere on the northwest corner.

  4. Gukinos says:

    However, they stay down enough to allow you to perform a special attack with the Ice Hammer.

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