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WWE 30 Man Royal Rumble Historical Full Match HD

How to watch royal rumble 2015

The Usos won the match with a Samoan Splash on Miz. Champion Rusev. He added that "bringing Bryan back for this match was a huge mistake, at least tonight", as "the fans wanted Bryan and they took him away", with the result that it "totally killed Roman in the eyes of those fans", resulting in a "really bad" ending. Lesnar caught Rollins and executed an F-5 on him, but Cena broke up the pin. Winkie singled out Ziggler's late entrance and elimination as "the most heartbreaking". Cena would receive his rematch the following month at Night of Champions which he would win by disqualification after Seth Rollins interfered and attempted to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract. See also: Lesnar later returned to the ring and threw Cena out of the ring. The Miz and R-Truth started the match at numbers one and two respectively. At TLC: Unless, that is, you still think serving some idea of the Authority's omnipresence is really what's best for business. The final four consisted of Reigns, Show, Kane, and Rusev who was outside the ring at the time. During the string, Curtis Axel , who was supposed to enter at 6, was attacked by Erick Rowan who took his place. Later in the event, it was announced that Cena would face Lesnar for the title at the Royal Rumble. During the match, Sting , who previously assisted Team Cena at Survivor Series, caused a distraction which allowed Cena to roll-up Rollins for the win to keep his spot in the match and reinstate Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan. He also praised the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match as being an early "Match of the Year" candidate, while questioning whether anyone cared about the Ascension. Reigns eliminated both Show and Kane, however they both re-entered the ring and began a double team assault on Reigns. How to watch royal rumble 2015

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How to watch royal rumble 2015

How to watch royal rumble 2015

How to watch royal rumble 2015

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