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Best anal group

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of anal self-massage in the treatment of anal fissure, comparing it to traditional therapy with dilators. Methods Fifty patients with a clinical diagnosis of AF were randomly assigned to one of the treatments, self-massage of the anal sphincter group A, 25 patients or passive dilatation using dilators group B, 25 patients. Pain was measured using a visual analog scale. The conservative treatment of anal fissure relies on the observation of hygienic-dietary measures, obtaining a regular bowel movement, and the use of muscle relaxants or anesthetics. Abstract Background An anal fissure AF is a tear in the epithelial lining of the anal canal. Therefore, our group has developed a new therapeutic approach that involves anal self-massage by the patient. Because of the high rate of recurrence that afflicts conservative therapy and the risk of serious complications, such as bowel incontinence and bleeding that can affect surgical therapy, it is not yet possible to determine which the best treatment is. Conclusion The use of anal self-massage with a finger appears to induce a better resolution of acute anal fissure than do anal dilators, and in a shorter time. Exclusion criteria were concomitant anal pathology anorectal fistulae, abscesses , previous surgery on the pelvic floor, inflammatory bowel disease, and therapy with nitrates. All patients agreed to be included in the study and gave their signed, informed consent to randomization. The use of anal dilators is effective, economic, and safe. Patients and methods Fifty patients suffering from acute anal fissure were enrolled in this prospective randomized study. The patients were randomized using a number table to treatment with self-massage of the anal sphincter group A, 25 patients or passive dilatation of the anal sphincter using dilators group B, 25 patients. Best anal group

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Best anal group

Best anal group

Best anal group

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